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Welcome to the Home of Hygcare

We are all about quality Service and through technology , users are enabled to provide quality at all times.

HyGcare was formed in 2014 with the aim of becoming the leading provider of pest control products and services to the professional pest control industry across Sub-Sahara Africa. Our main distribution office is based in Johannesburg and are able to provide our clients with exclusive access to industry leading innovative products. 

Our products are sourced from our partner suppliers around the globe. Through our professional and well-trained staff, HyGcare plays an active role in promoting the safe and effective use of our products by training programs and on-site support

With  GreenTrap Online & PestScan, your Pest controllers can enjoy automated reporting, remote 24/7 monitoring and capturing in the areas they manage for their clients. This is the ideal paperless solution as there is no room for papers to be carried as our software comes with intergrated features to enhance efficiency and timeous responses.

 What is GreenTrap & PestScan?

GreenTrap Online provides Electronic Monitoring & Reporting for a more efficient pest control service. With GreenTrap, you are able to monitor your area remotely, all day, everyday and receive notifications in Real-time of any rodents roaming around or receive your reports in 24 hours. 

This ensures that you provide your clients a world class, hands-on pest control service.

Why rodent electronic monítoring?


PestScan is a fully featured software application for pest controllers. With PestScan, pest controllers can go onsite and do an inspection survey of an area and quickly enter the data during the surveys to PestScan. 

This data is processed automatically and your customers can view the online logbook minutes after your visit.

What does this software do for you, your business and your customers ?